In today’s economic climate, dairy farmers need to work as smartly and efficiently as possible. A big part of that equation is ensuring you have the equipment equal to your needs.

Traditional problems, new generation technology

With increasing energy and labour costs, and exacting standards of hygiene and infection, working with out-of-date equipment could be costing you dearly. The latest generation of dairy farm equipment works faster, smarter, more efficiently, more hygienically and more reliably.

WDSL carry out all types of equipment and parlour upgrades for farms in southern EnglandĀ  – including Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire – and South Wales.

We can carry out full parlour upgrades, or individual systems and components, including:

  • Variable speed vacuum pumps
  • Backing Gates
  • Cluster washing system

For a full list of available upgrades that might be suitable for your needs and budget, call our experts.

Expert Advice

We understand that upgrading is expensive, and farmers may worry that their investment may not be cost-effective. WDSL will always try to find you the most appropriate solution for your needs, by accessing our range of well known manufacturers. We also deal in pre-owned equipment. In some circumstances this may be a more cost-effective route to improve your milking process.

Call our experts or drop us a line for a no-obligation discussion about your options.