WDSL manufactured products

As well as the products that we sell from well-known and respected brands, we also offer a range of in-house manufactured products that perform equally well compared with the mainstream offering.  Our WDSL products come into their own where budget is important.

All WDSL equipment is sold with 12 months’ warranty, and have quality and durability built in.

Cluster washing systems

Cluster washing systems are an invaluable ally in improving hygiene. They are a quick and effective mechanism for disinfecting clusters. Users of cluster washing systems report reductions in mastitis and lowered herd cell counts, especially when used in conjunction with other measures.

The WDSL unit is priced from £350.

Backing gates

The WDSL backing gate is an innovative design with a proven track record on UK dairy farms.

Our team looked at existing designs and produced a backing gate that’s lightweight, easier to install and more cost-effective.

We custom-make and fit our design for each customer, ensuring a perfect fit with your farm.

Prices will of course depend on yard dimensions. Prices start from £7,500.

To find out more about the WDSL cluster washing system or backing gate, please get in touch.