In dairy farming, a quality installation makes all the difference – to your workload, efficiency and ultimately your bank balance.

Get the right set-up, right from the start

WDSL have built a reputation for high quality installations at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Our comprehensive installation service for dairy farms covers Gloucestershire and the surrounding area – including Worcestershire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and South Wales.

Successful installation is all about expertise and experience, and our technicians have plenty of both. We only employ the best technicians, and all hold appropriate City and Guilds qualifications. We’re also members of the Milking Equipment Association’s Parlour Safe scheme (see side box), ensuring that your installation will meet appropriate Health & Safety regulations and Farm Assurance standards.

Our service includes the installation of:

  • New parlours
  • pre-owned parlours
  • upgrades to existing parlours
  • washing systems
  • water heaters
  • ventilation
  • teat sprays
  • Cow brushes
  • all other dairy equipment

Right installation, right equipment

If choosing a professional installation service is half the battle, the other half is choosing the right equipment. We know that’s an expensive and often daunting decision – and fortunately, we have years of experience in helping farmers. Tell us about your current situation and plans for the future, and we can advise you on the most appropriate equipment for your needs.

Our parlours are supplied by companies with an international reputation, like GEA and ATL.

You can read more about the equipment and parlours we supply on our equipment page.

State-of-the-art milking parlours from GEA

WDSL is an official UK supplier for GEA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of integrated milking solutions. Backed by decades of experience, their innovative designs save dairy farmers precious time, speed up throughput and maximise yield —and all without losing sight of the cows’ comfort.

GEA’s milking centres are available for almost any farm, accommodating large or small herds, and pasture or stall rearing. What’s more, if your operation grows, GEA’s parlours can expand with you, through the addition of further modular systems.



Like to find out more?

If you would like to discuss your next installation with our expert staff, get in touch for a no-obligation chat about your needs.