Farm Assurance testing is vital, but comprehensive testing is about more than just ticking a box. It’s how modern dairy farms stay healthy and profitable.
WDSL offer a full range of testing procedures – static testing, dynamic testing that go beyond meeting farm assurance standards. Our coverage area extends to Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and South Wales. Our testing procedures go hand in hand with our supply, installation, and maintenance services.

Static Testing of Milking Equipment

With around a quarter of mastitis cases thought to originate in the parlour, static testing is an investment in the health and profitability of your herd. As we supply, install and service milking equipment, we have the skills to identify potential problems in your milking equipment – meaning you can take action sooner.
Our testing meets ISO 6690 standards and frequently identifies issues affecting cow health and wellbeing.

 Dynamic Testing

As the name suggests, dynamic tests involves looking at the milking equipment in action. This offers a number of advantages compared to static testing. For example, dynamic test can measure when milk flow starts and stops. This allows farmers to optimise routines and settings for automatic cluster removers, increasing efficiency and reducing any unnecessary time spent under vacuum.
Dynamic testing also allows for more accurate assessment of the vacuum pressure at the teat – again ensuring that your animals are not exposed to unnecessary teat damage and stress.
For more information about our testing services, please contact us.