Urban Milkshuttle

The Urban MilkShuttle means an end to the slow, tiring process of feeding calves. The electrically powered shuttle uses the best of German engineering to speed up and simplify this time-consuming job.

Save time, and your back

Working on a farm, there is never enough time. With a never-ending list of jobs, feeding your calves eats into your day – especially if it is some distance to the pens.

Feeding calves is also hard physical work. It’s not uncommon to be moving 100 kg or more of milk several times a day. Over time, that takes its toll on your joints. Any inclines, rough terrain, ice and snow and the job gets even harder.

That’s why the milkShuttle is a boon for hard-working dairy farmers. This brilliantly engineered shuttle slashes the time for feeding (Urban estimate that you can cut 25 minutes feeding time by bucket down to 11 minutes) and takes the strain off your long-suffering back.

The video shows the Urban in action:

A host of advanced features

Everything about the milkShuttle has been designed to make life straightforward. The features include:

  • long wheel base and the low centre of gravity lets the MilkShuttle move even in rough terrain withou tipping over.
  • three-wheel design for manoeuverability
  • excellent traction for all ground conditions.
  • two-stage agitator for fresh milk or calf milk replacer
  • integrated heater ensures the feed has the optimal temperature.
  • interval timer for the agitator prevents the milk from burning.
  • intuitive, easy to use control panel
  • ergonomic, height-adjustable handle adjusts to your height
  • lockable lid with seal which prevents the milk from spilling over
  • pump dispenses pre-selected amounts or can be operated like a petrol pump.

Find out more…

We think the Urban milkShuttle is an incredible piece of kit that makes feeding calves vastly easier and quicker.

For further details, visit Urban’s webpage, or download their comprehensive brochure.

For enquiries or orders, please contact us.